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Free your talent!

A process of building rational and relational awareness


Develop your potential with a ICF certified Risorsa Uomo coach


How we see coaching 

As personalized support, also operational, to support the application of skills and the implementation of change

We work on your strengths to help you in your areas of improvement

Two approaches

Pure coaching | a methodology to develop your potential leading to awareness

Operational coaching | to assist managers in the application of skills,  decision-making, problem-solving

How is coaching done and how long does it last

  • 1Introduction: It is an initial meeting to establish trust between coach and coachee and share the methodology and path to achieve .
  • 2Performance: It involves a series of meetings, (generally 6 every 2 weeks) of a maximum of 2 hours.  At the end of these meetings the coachee agrees with the objectives and the practical actions to be implemented, with a verifiable timeframe for implementation.
  • 3Celebrating: At the end of the path you will experience and celebrate the changes and achievements otivating the coachee to continue the application 


Some possible areas of work

  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Sales and commercial management
  • Leadership and personnel management
  • Other topics to be agreed between coach and coachee or the company 
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